The Art of Heather Taylor

Artist at Large Creating Masterful Pieces for All Ages and Audiences

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“Rhode Island born artist Heather Taylor creates paintings and mixed media artworks. Heather’s paintings explore color and form in bold playful palettes that embrace an objective truth and reflect both local and global cultural narratives. Taylor creates with daily, recognizable elements an original form of modern fine art. Strongly influenced by popular culture, urban graffiti, classic cartoons and graphic art, the viewer is gently confronted with the conditioning of their own perceptions and thusly must reconsider any biased positions or preconceptions they may hold about what fine art is. 
Her paintings are often about contact with nature, everyday life and basic living elements. Taylor paints what she sees, not only with her eye but in her minds eye as well. Energy (heat, light, water), space, animals and landscapes are examined in bold expressions of color and larger than life characters and settings ranging from highly developed forms and shapes to outspoken and over the top expressions, her work in every instance demands the viewer’s attention. 

Heather’s work urges us to renegotiate painting as being part of a reactive experience more than a state of contemplation, creating bold themes that reflect our contemporary society and Taylor produces a fascinating cultural narrative. Always questioning the concept of movement, she reveals an inherent awkwardness and humour that echoes our own mental images of daily life but in a way that is delightfully new and expressive. 

One consistent theme that her modern works reflect are aspects of pop culture to which she was exposed growing up. Heather’s creations present a world where light-heartedness rules and where rules can still be undermined to create something new and yet comfortingly familiar. While several recurring subject matter themes can be recognised, working with repetition, provocation and the investigation of the process of expectations allows Taylor to constantly push herself into new directions.
Her works isolate the movements of humans, animals and the places they inhabit and by doing so, new situations are constantly created which reveal an inseparable relationship between Heather’s love of color and sound and the wonderful way she sees the world around her.” ~Enoxh Eloe

Phoenix  Chief Niwot

Meet Heather Taylor and watch as the 36×60 acrylic “Make it work” comes to life.