The Art of Heather Taylor

Artist at Large Creating Masterful Pieces for All Ages and Audiences


Rhode Island born Artist with a vast passion for creating. Since a child I have always been inspired to Create. From basic crayons and paint to really growing into the artist I am. I move between mediums and always find ways to express myself. I started doing art shows when I was 20 years old. I didn’t wait to start doing art shows till the end of my college life so I jumped off. I also went against the grain and followed my own style only half listened to my professors who insisted on breaking down the student and put them back together with the main stream art style. Your basic Juxtapose magazine reading art student. I feel that art should be a extension of who you are. Not what everyone is doing now.

When I paint I let everything go. I never really know what I’m going to paint I just let the paint and canvas guide me. Before I know it I have a wild colorful background that screams the final answer at me. I have my secrets but I’ll share one. I sometimes cross my eyes and stare at the background. Like a magic eye illusion I start to see a image. BOOM… I paint what I see. I think it’s important to let whatever the image wants to be to it wants to be. So whether it’s a Snail, Fish, Naked Woman, or Musician they’re all welcome on my pallet. Since living in Colorado I’ve noticed my urban east coast graffiti influence has meshed with my now nature music vision. Funny how we evolve.

I’ve held many art shows.

AS220 in Providence RI, 2000

South County Center of the Arts in Kingston RI, 2001

Hope Street Gallery in Pawtucket RI, 2001

Group Art show at CCRI in Warwick RI, 2003

Peter Pots Pottery in N.Kingstown RI, Resident Artist, 2003-2008

Artist Niche in Nederland CO, Resident Artist, 2008-2009

National Show at Almara Arts studio in Lakewood CO, 2009

Whistler’s Cafe in Nederland CO, 2010-2013

New Moon Bakery in Nederland CO, 2013

Very Nice brewery in Nederland CO, 2014

Blue Owl bookstore in Nederland CO, 2014

Mmmmmboulder 2 years at the DAIRY Center of the Arts in Boulder CO, 2014- 2015

Boulder Raw Artist show at the Absinthe House in Boulder CO, 2014-2015

Ozo Coffee on Arapahoe Ave. in Boulder CO, 2015

Ozo Coffee on Pearl st. in Boulder CO, 2016

Currently showing at:

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Bar in Nederland CO, 2016

James Peak Smokehouse and brewery in Nederland CO, 2016

Crafted in Colorado in Nederland CO, 2016

Stage Stop in Rollinsville CO, 2016

ArtParts Creative Reuse Center in Boulder CO, 2016

Resident Artist at Rocky Mountain Oyster Bar in Nederland CO, 2017-2018

Centennial Bank Show in Nederland CO, 2018

Walnut Cafe in Boulder CO, 2018

Current vendor at the Nederland Farmers Market in Nederland CO

Founders of the Annual White Friday Arts and Crafts fair at the Stage Stop in Rollinsville CO

I’ve also donated multiple art to various fundraising events such as the Denver Children’s Home. I try to help raise money for kids without homes to get what they need. I also helped raise money with my paintings at the Annual Humane Society’s Gala in Boulder CO.  I was recently involved with painting snowboards for a charity Burton was doing that helps kids who have disabilities partake in winter sports and I just donated art to the Nederland Firemen’s Ball.